BUFFALO, NY – August 27, 2018 — HealthSource Marketing’s modernized logo and website emphasize the company’s focus on OTC sales with a personalized client experience.

The biggest change to the logo is the addition of the slogan ‘OTC Sales & Marketing Specialists’. This statement was added to better encompass the company’s main values and focus. Also refreshed with a clean, modern design, the familiar logo now matches a modernized website.

Designed with HealthSource’s boutique style in mind, this new website provides visitors with a better picture of who HealthSource is as a company. The site also offers a user-friendly desktop and mobile experience. It can be viewed at www.healthsourcemarketing.com.

“As our 20th anniversary approaches, the revised logo and website show our commitment to client growth and success in the years to come. We look forward to expanding our client list and continuing to make the connection between industry manufacturers and buyers with these improved tools,” says Jordan Stone, HealthSource Marketing President.

Founded in 1999, HealthSource Marketing, LLC is a Buffalo-based, privately held sales and marketing organization focused on fostering new business opportunities between client manufacturers of OTC consumer health and wellness products and the retail/wholesale community.