We Make the Connection.

We are OTC sales brokers with experience connecting manufacturers
with HBA buyers.

We Build Business.

We develop strategies to get products on shelves and keep them
there long term.

We Work With You.

We listen and learn from each other. We focus on client strengths that are important to our buyers. We share experiences on how to be successful.

We Have The Experience.

Hire HealthSource and you’ll get an entire sales and marketing department with extensive industry knowledge, experience & contacts.

HealthSource Can Help You

Get Your Product on Store Shelves

Do you need help getting your OTC product on store shelves? Do you have an OTC product idea that needs development and implementation support? HealthSource provides sales and marketing assistance for all of your OTC consumer health aisle needs.

Grow Your Business

Our team will work closely with you, nurturing your business like it were our own. Whether you are looking for OTC brokers with industry experience and contacts, or are interested in a one stop shop that would include working with our marketing team, we can help.

Understand Your Consumer

With years of industry experience, our team will provide you with the extensive consumer knowledge needed to succeed in the OTC consumer health aisle. This knowledge will help your brand to flourish by targeting the right markets and demographics.

Guide You through the Process

HealthSource has the resources and experience to get your OTC consumer health product from concept to market. We have contacts in manufacturing, legal, QA/RA, and distribution. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure continued success.


Direct sales with experienced industry professionals.


Developing strategies and materials to get you on the shelf and keep you there.

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