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Kathy Lash
Kathy Lash
The most recent addition to the staff at HealthSource Marketing, Kathy wins the award for the most time spent in classrooms…and likely the best grades. Let’s just say she’s pretty smart.
Kathy has spent the last 30 years working in various positions all, oddly enough, related to health or health care. Her background as a chemistry major along with her (ahem, summa cum laude) business degree has made her an all around valuable entity working in medical laboratories, support services, project management, and distribution companies.

We were very fortunate when the company she was working with (owned by a friend of ours and right down the complex from us) was sold and we scooped Kathy up before somebody else got her….and she has fit in perfectly.

When Kathy isn’t working with her quirky rescued dog, Mooch, or involved in her family’s very busy lives, she takes a moment to do creative cooking, or yoga!


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