The experienced team at HealthSource has managed a wide variety of projects for small to mid-size OTC product manufacturers. We have had many successes over the years, most of which are documented below.

Reese Pharmaceutical Company

Shortly after HealthSource opened our doors in 1999, Reese Pharmaceutical Company partnered with us.

Since then, we have worked as a team to grow distribution for both Reese’s private label items and their branded pinworm products.

Bell Pharmaceuticals

Starting in 2012, Bell Pharmaceuticals has been working with the team at HealthSource to increase distribution and awareness of Jet-Alert.

Over the years, many additional shelf placements have been made, marketing efforts have increased, and new products have been developed.

Raritan Pharmaceuticals

HealthSource and Raritan Pharmaceuticals have been working together to add shelf placements for Raritan’s ever-growing line of NBE products since 2004.


In September of 2007 HealthSource Marketing was selected to assist Homeolab in the re-launch of their homeopathic business in the US.

Already a leading homeopathic manufacturer in Canada, the company desired to expand by securing placement of both branded and private label products at US wholesalers and retailers.