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HSM Develops Reese’s Pinworm Video Advertisement

This year, the HealthSource Marketing team had the opportunity to test our creativity as we dove into the world of YouTube video advertising with longtime client Reese Pharmaceutical. According to YouTube, 18+ year olds in the US spend more time watching YouTube in an...

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All About Private Label

What is Private Label?

A term used to describe products that are manufactured by one company and sold under the label of another, private label has been called many things throughout the course of its lifetime. In the 70s it was called generic. In the 80s it evolved into private label. For a while it was referred to as value brands. Now you will frequently hear the term store brand. While the proper name for the term private label may be disputed, it cannot be disputed that private label has evolved into the strongest brand across food, drug and mass channels. Private label manufacturers, and those thinking about joining the ranks, are facing unfathomable opportunities, but also major obstacles and challenges.

Opportunities for Private Label Manufacturers

Today, your average chain’s store brand program represents several hundred SKU’s…

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So You Want To Sell Consumer Health Products At Retail

I’m sure we’re no different than any other business development group, sales broker, or industry consultant….call us what you will. Regularly we’re contacted by brazen and excited people who want to get their great new pet rock into the retail world. I usually try to respond to their excitability with my own form of idealism. Something like….Why?…or maybe….Are you nuts?….or if I’m really in a bad mood….Good luck! The reality is lots of good consumer health products are out there, have been out there…and will be out there tomorrow…that never see the light of day. The reasons are countless.

So, what does it take to make a product succeed in today’s challenging retail environment?

1. First and foremost you need to define YOUR idea of success. Not everyone needs to get their product into the major food, drug or mass chains to achieve success. I know that’s…

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